While the popularity of electric vehicles has been on the rise over the last decade, EV charging options has largely lagged behind. In the third quarter of 2020, over 50,000 new vehicles registered in Canada were zero-emission; however, according to Natural Resources Canada there are only 5,000 charging stations that are available to the public across the country.

With this, the need for EV charging stations will undoubtedly increase significantly over the next few years, especially as fleet vehicles will turn from fuel to EV charging as primary. This need will be largely installed on commercial properties, such as your workplace or an adjoined or shared parking lot area. If you are considering how EV charging could impact or support your commercial property, learn more in this article.


Here are the benefits of installing EV Charging Stations On Commercial Properties


1. Tenant or customer attraction and retention for commercial properties 

Whether you have a commercial property, or you are renting units in your building, offering stations can help to attract and retain your customers or tenants. Offering charging is a great way to visibly show your building’s focus on innovation.


2. Revenue generating fees or other opportunities 

Commercial charging stations, like ChargePoint, for example, gives administrators the option to generate revenue from those who use the commercial stations. This can be done in the form of pay-for-parking services.


3. Put your commercial business on the map 

Installing EV charging stations can help to increase your business visibility. When you have an active station on your property, your business will be displayed on active EV maps like the aforementioned ChargePoint, or PlugShare.


4. Attract eco-conscious customers 

If your business is one that is seeking to attract a customer base that is eco-conscious or eco-curious, installing an EV charger is an excellent way to showcase to your clientele that you care about the environment.


Tips and Tricks to find what you need for your commercial property


Determine which station is best for your commercial business 

There are many EV charging station options on the market. Two of the most popular ones in British Columbia are ChargePoint and FLO. Based in Quebec, FLO is the largest network in Canada, while ChargePoint provides more global coverage. For consumers, it is important to know that the two companies recently reached an agreement that allows each other’s members to use the other network’s chargers.


Clearly articulate how you are going to charge your users 

Some commercial or public properties, like Grouse Mountain, provide free charging for EV users, while others, like the FLO charging network at Kits Beach, charges $1 per hour. As a business, determine what you will provide for your customers and what is best for you.


Identifying, buying and installing an EV charger for your commercial property is an important decision. The investment and time needed is important to get right! Are you are navigating through the purchasing and installation process for your business, consider these valuable additions for your commercial property and these two tips for buying and deciding your best way forward.