Fuel Inspections & Maintenance

Fuel Inspections, Servicing & Maintenance

We perform visual inspections for fueling systems and provide a report indicating if action is required. Following manufacturer’s standards and recommendations, our inspectors check:

  • Fill boxes for condition and cleanliness, caps are in good shape
  • Tank banners for proper naming indicating which products are inside each tank
  • Dispensers for weeps, seeps and leaks (environmental impact)
  • Condition of all hoses and nozzles for leaks, unusual wear patterns, and expiry dates

The service tech will make notes of what equipment is current, which expiration dates are coming up and which equipment is already beyond its recommended life. We present the report to the client, highlighting any deficiencies. The client can decide whether to hire a third party to make repairs, have our techs fix the problem right then or return another day when it’s more convenient.

Before any inspection we offer to change the consumables as well (items such as hoses, fuel filters etc.) Our service technicians arrive with the full intention of getting the job done that day and most of our customers are happy to take advantage of this service.

As a client of Western Oil, you can rely on our team to stay in communication regarding your service and inspection needs. Summer businesses such as marinas, as well as facilities located in mountainous or remote terrain have different requirements. We work with you to ensure inspections are scheduled for times and seasons that best fit your business and locale.

Our Technicians

We have the most experienced team of service technicians in all of BC. One of our techs has been with Western Oil for 43 years and he isn’t slowing down anytime soon! Most of our senior techs have between 20 and 30 years experience.

We are now training the next generation of techs through a new experience-based trade program. Spearheaded by the president of our company, in partnership with the BC Petroleum Contractors Association, the Industrial Training Authority (ITA) can now offer a BC Trade Certificate (like a plumber or electrician) to any Petroleum Equipment Service Technician with 9000 hours of trade experience, and to any Petroleum Equipment Installer with 6,000 hours of trade experience.

Having our technicians certified is key when it comes to working in British Columbia as the federal government will only recognize either an ITA certified installer or a professional engineer in the sign-off of a fuel tank installation on federal property and that includes First Nations.

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