When you are on the road, nothing is more important than driver safety. That’s why you need to not only have a strong set of windshield wipers, you also need to make sure that your windshield washer fluid is always topped up. This is a critical piece of basic maintenance of any vehicle, small or large.

When looking for windshield washer fluid, what do you need to be aware of and what do you need to look for? 

There are specialized cleaners that must be kept in mind the next time you buy washer fluid.

Here are four (4) types of windshield washer fluid to be aware of…


1. Classic Blue 

The traditional windshield washer fluid that you can find at essentially every gas station is classic blue. It is the “jack of all trades” as it is so kindly referred to. This is the washer fluid commonly found in vehicles as it gets most jobs done; it can scrub off grime, insects, and can de-ice your windshield, albeit with some time. Be sure to always check the temperature rating before purchasing, especially if you live in areas of British Columbia where it gets exceptionally cold.


2. Bug Remover 

There are windshield washer fluids that are made specifically to remove bugs. If you drive large trucks, this is an excellent option to ensure safety and protection during the Summer months. Bug remover windshield washer fluid is also great to clean up certain types of sap, pollen or other droppings. Be sure to bring this type of washer fluid with you on road trips.


3. De-icing

Especially practical for the months we are currently in now, de-icing washer fluid is a great option for those of us who live in a chilly climate. It may be in the Fraser Valley in the thick of Winter, or if you are traveling up North outside of current travel restrictions. Check the labels to be sure it is safe down to the temperatures you are visiting.


4. All-Season

Perhaps the best of all worlds is the all-season double acting formula. All-season windshield fluid can get bugs and grime off your windshield, while also removing ice during the cold months. As always, be aware of formulations that are rated according to the temperature of your climate.


While these are the most popular windshield fluids on the market, you may also consider replacing your wiper blades if your windshield still isn’t coming clean. Of course, this can be a frustrating experience if you are driving, so it is important to always check the status of your windshield fluid as well as the state of your wipers.

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