In business for over 67 years, we have developed a reputation for the highest of quality service and support. While we began in the building and installing of floatplane and land-base airport fuelling services, we have expanded to offering fuel and fluid storage, vehicle wash systems and more. Over the last number of decades, installation of commercial fuel and fluid storage has become more essential than ever. Whether you are running your facility on propane or other fuel sources, we provide installations for all fuel sources.

Before installing your storage option, here are tips on how to choose the right fuel storage tank

Determine if you want an above or below ground unit 

Above ground tanks can be less expensive to install, primarily because you do not need to dig into your property. In the long run, maintenance and repairs can also be less expensive to perform as it is more accessible. With this said, the above ground tank can be a concern in terms of managing risks of a largely exposed storage of liquid.

Below ground storage tanks can save you these risks, but are more expensive to install 

In addition, they can also be more difficult to detect potential links. Buried storage tanks can be more costly to move after time, however, they can save you risks of overall exposure.

Consider the size of your storage option

Since tanks such as propane and heating oil are highly stable options, there are minimal risks in overall long-term storage; however, the larger the tank, the more expensive to deal with. It is important to assess what your business needs are so you can maximize the overall need for you and your team.


Here’s what to look for when searching for storage tank installations and professionals

Ensure your professional is a certified storage tank installation professional 

As set out in the Storage Tank Systems for Petroleum Products and Allied Petroleum Products Regulations (SOR/2008-197), the system must be installed or removed by an individual who is approved to perform the work in the province that the system is installed. In the province of British Columbia, this licence or certification is certified as a “Petroleum Equipment Installer” by the Industry Training Authority of British Columbia (ITA).

Look for a professional who is committed to participating early on in the project

Working with a professional who is prepared to work with or without completed drawings is essential. Installations are a collective project, and we are ready to work with projects that are anywhere between 50% to 80% complete. Installations professionals should have the ability to support projects that are mid way, so they can apply their experience along every step of the way.

Experience is essential when it comes to installation of any kind 

As with any professional you decide to partner with, overall experience is essential to trusting installations success. At Western Oil Services, we have a wide variety of experience, one of which is with the Otter Co-Op. With this project, we installed 20 vertical tanks that were complete with pipe fitting and welding. We installed an underground DEP dispensing system, and connected the tank farm with retail and commercial card lock fuel islands. This project was completed in 2016, and was a great success.

Working with installations professionals is essential to any project, though especially so when it comes to the installation of fluid storage tanks. Before selecting a professional to partner with, be sure to inquire about past projects, experience in working with multiple industries, and overall familiarity with large scale projects. To learn more about selecting a professional for your next project, click here to contact Western Oil Services.