For over 67 years, our business has been proud to build and develop a reputation for providing high quality service within our British Columbia clients. From our early beginnings of installing airport fuelling systems, to expanding across our growing and active client base, we know what it takes for a business with a focus on handling energy with care and expertise.


If your business is searching for a partner with experience in handling energy, here are 5 things you must know.


1. Your partner must understand the complexities within British Columbia 

From government regulations around managing fuel tanks to adhering to the field guide of fuel handling and storage, your selected partner must understand the nuances of regulations within British Columbia. Environment Canada has regulations around petroleum and allied petroleum products for storage tanks, which is essential to have knowledge of. Be sure to inquire with your potential partner as to their adherence to all provincial regulations.


2. Do their business hours or hours of service reflect that of your own?

Now that you have determined what your partner needs to know and have accreditation for, it is important to ensure that your partner matches that of what you need. If your business hours are 24/7, let’s say, it is essential that your partner can provide support for your offering.


3. Can your parter adequately prepare your site?

Site preparation, with any partner, is essential.  Here at Western Oil, we can manufacture your storage fuel system and prepare for installation or preparation accordingly.


4. Is your partner fully qualified with your industry?

We are qualified to work with 100 low lead fuel and insured to work with jet fuel and all aspects of aviation fuelling systems. We can work with helicopter businesses to aircraft, and from rail – like CP Rail – to Harbour Air. We are fully equipped to work with any industry, from transportation as shared to institutional and commercial.


5. Do you have a key contact to work with in your day to day partnership?

When you work with a business, you must work with people who you connect with. Instead of connecting with a 1-800 number or general email address, it is important that you have a person or a partner to work with. Whether you are assigned a project manager, or perhaps you are connected with a business partner to work alongside, be sure that you have a key contact who you can reach out to through your partnership or project.


Here at Western Oil we take our partnerships seriously. We are focused on the success of our clients, just like you. If you would like to learn more about how we can support your next project, you can get in touch with us here.