We Offer Retail and Fleet Fueling Services and More

Many of us take for granted that there will always be gas stations available along our journeys and car washes to help us keep our vehicles clean. We’re fortunate! For Canadians, access to gasoline and car washes are commonplace and we don’t think twice about pulling into either and doing what needs to be done.

But someone has to set up those establishments, supply the equipment, and keep it working, and that’s where Western Oil Services enters the picture.

Commercial gasoline and car wash systems

Drive into a gas station and you’ll see a number of pieces of equipment, most notably the dispensing equipment that allows you to get gas from tanks in the ground into your automobile. At Western Oil Services, we supply that dispensing equipment as well as underground or above grade storage tanks and piping for our retail customers.

In addition, our focus on retail gas operations has truly expanded over the last decade or so. We specialize in retrofitting older retail gasoline dispensing systems and also offer preventative maintenance inspections on all the fuel systems that are under contract to us. Detailed regular inspections insure that gas station equipment is well-maintained, which allows it to work efficiently and safely. We endeavor to catch any problems BEFORE they happen and are mindful of wear-and-tear and aging issues that could cause breakdowns in the future.

The same goes for our vehicle wash systems. We offer installation of some of the best vehicle wash systems in the industry. These commercial touch-free or self-serve wand systems are then consistently serviced by us so that – as with gas equipment – we can catch common problems related to aging equipment or overuse. And, of course, if there’s a breakdown, we’ll have you back in business as soon as possible.

Fleet maintenance facilities and equipment

With companies like Coast Mountain Bus Company on our list of satisfied customers, it’s clear to see that Western Oil Services has become the go-to company for fleet maintenance services.

Whether the fleet you own or manage includes cars, buses, or trucks, we can assist you with your maintenance needs, including fueling and fuel storage services, vehicle wash systems, and hoist systems that allow your mechanics to work on your vehicles easily and consistently.

We understand that operating a large fleet can be daunting, so we endeavor to make everything run as smoothly as possible with our top-notch installations of quality equipment as well as our consistent maintenance and support services. We know what you need and that you need it to be working properly at all times, so our regular inspections allow us to keep our eyes on potential problems and fix the ones that need fixing now.


Need more information on our retail and fleet fueling services or our vehicle wash or hoist systems? Call and talk to our experts for details and a pricing plan that fits your needs and budget.