When driving through the Greater Vancouver Area, you have likely passed by one of the Coast Mountain Bus fleet vehicles. Have you ever wondered how these large vehicles are cleaned throughout the week? Thankfully, when searching for a partner to support this fleet, Coast Mountain came to Western Oil Services for a full-scale installation.

Vehicle Wash Systems can be difficult to find in the Greater Vancouver Area, especially when it comes to identifying the perfect partner for you. To learn more about our service and solution offering, read on…


Here are 4 reasons why you should consider Western Oil Services for your Vehicle Wash System in the Greater Vancouver Area


1. We represent Ryko Manufacturing, North America’s leading provider of touch-free vehicle wash systems

Ryko is part of the National Carwash Solutions family of brands, and is one of the largest manufacturers of car wash systems in the United States. The product itself includes friction and touch-less systems, drive-through options, self-service and more. The business was founded in 1973, and has grown significantly since beginning.


2. We can install truck, bus and car wash systems 

Unlike competitors, we can provide support to a variety of vehicle sizes, from the aforementioned Coast Mountain Bus Fleet to cars. That is why we can deliver what you need, regardless of your business type of size.


3. Our work spreads across municipalities, transportation companies and more 

We are proud to work within the Greater Vancouver Area, in addition to other areas of British Columbia. From dealerships and automotive garages to large scale fleets, our experience is vast and our projects can be complex. Our work with Coast Mountain Bus Company, for example, expanded from bus washes and in-ground hoists to the fuel systems.


4. We’ve been in business for over 60 years

Our reputation is strong, and is one that we have been proud of for over 60 years. From our early beginning days of building and installing floatplane airport fuelling systems to leveraging our expansive expertise in our growing customer base, our team takes the greatest of pride in every project we work on.

We are skilled and bring decades of experience to multiple industries.

When it comes to Vehicle Wash Systems in the Greater Vancouver Area, a partner who will work for you can be hard to come by. Our team is committed to providing only the best for our clients, and that includes developing and delivering customized projects for vehicle wash systems.

If your business is looking to expand or install such a system on your property, you can contact us for a customized quote here.