Airplanes. Boats. Trucks. Cars. Buses. Railroads. They all need fuel to get where they’re going and most depend on having that fuel at the ready so that their services aren’t interrupted.

Transportation systems of any sort must have reliable fuel systems in place at all times, or else they face service delays that could seriously impact their business, whether it’s on the ground, on the water, or in the air. It’s no wonder many Canadian transportation systems of all sorts rely on Western Oil Services for their fueling needs.

Truck, car, and bus fleets

Countless businesses use fleets of vehicles to get the job done. From trucking services that deliver goods, to rental car companies and limo services, large transit companies that operate city buses, and charter bus companies that take groups and individuals on tours, every vehicle needs to have some sort of fuel in order to operate consistently.

Western Oil Services can provide these ground vehicles with what’s needed to operate smoothly each and every day without service interruptions. Western offers retail and commercial fuel handling, parts and equipment supply, and regular service and maintenance which keeps everything running and assures that many potential problems are spotted even before a service call is requested.

Vehicle wash systems are also available from Western in order to assist companies in keeping their fleets of vehicles sparkling clean for customers and clients. Western also sells hoist and lubrication systems that allow our transportation customers to maintain their vehicles with minimal hassle.

Marine vehicles

We’re proud to serve BC Ferries, the Canadian Coast Guard, False Creek Marina, and other businesses and organizations that rely on boats and other marine vehicles for their services or livelihood. As with ground vehicles, we offer these water-based companies the best-of-the-best in fueling equipment and services so that daily operations go on without a hitch.

As a distributor for many of the petroleum industry’s top manufacturers – like OPW, Piusi, Gasboy, Computrol, Alemite, Flexworks, Coencorp, and others – we have access to some of the best fuel handling equipment available to those who rely on these vehicles day after day.

Planes and helicopters

At Western Oil Services, we are fully qualified to work with 100 low-lead fuel and are insured for work with jet fuel and all aspects of aviation fueling systems. That makes us the ideal choice for aviation companies large and small as well as airports of all sizes. We already work with the ground equipment facilities at Vancouver Airport as well as a variety of small airports and are eager to increase our presence in that industry.

Obviously, keeping the greater Vancouver area (and beyond) moving is a big deal to us. For more information on how we can help your transportation business, give us a call and set up an appointment for a free initial consultation. Our fueling equipment experts are on hand to help you address your needs in a timely and cost-efficient manner.