While we have shared in great detail our work with energy and fuel storage, we have yet to share our depth of work with the transportation industry.

Have you ever sat on a plane and wondered, “wow – where is all that fuel stored between take-off and landing?”

That’s where Western Oil comes in. We are fully qualified to work with 100 low lead fuel, and we are insured to work with jet fuel and other aviation fuelling systems. Working with great local clients such as YVR, Langley Airport, CP Rail and others, we are a trusted partner to provide safety, security and trust within the transportation industry.


What is 100 Low Lead Fuel?


Avgas is a particular type of aviation fuel that is generally used in small piston engine powered aircraft. These types of aircraft are most often seen with private pilots and flying clubs, for example. Piston engines operate within generally the same principles as spark ignition engines found in cars.

There are two types of avgas grades – 100 and 100LL low lead. Other types of avgas, that you may be aware of, are either rarely used or are no longer able to be purchased.

The sales and use of low lead fuel is highly regulated. That’s why it is essential to work with a partner who is fully qualified. In fact, most aircraft fuel dealers will refuse to place this type of fuel into anything other than aircraft fuel tanks.

Avgas 100 

This is the standard, high octane fuel that is used within aviation. The lead content is high and it is dyed a green colour.

Avgas 100LL 

This is the low lead version of Avgas 100 and is dyed a blue colour.

One of the most common questions we receive is, “why is there not an option for unleaded gas?”

Businesses like Shell are working on developing unleaded Avgas which will perform in a similar fashion to Avgas 100 and 100LL; however, testing and development has not yet shown the overall stability and suitability of fuel for fleets at this time.

Why it is essential to work with an expert for avgas

Avgas, fuel for aircraft with piston or internal combustion engines, is the world’s most used and popular aviation fuel due to its ability to adapt to different temperatures and pressures. This ensures greater levels of safety for airplanes; however, it is essential to work with an expert. Here at Western Oil Services, we are fully qualified to work with 100 low lead fuel and we are insured to work with jet fuel and all aspects of aviation fuelling systems. We understand the regulations of working with such fuel, and are trusted partners for British Columbia’s most prominent aviation businesses.

If you are searching for a partner to begin, or perhaps transition, your transportation fuel systems to, contact us here. We would be thrilled to discuss your business or upcoming project with you and your team.