We’ve frequently written about the importance of professional installations, including how to select the best partner for you, though one topic of conversation we have yet to share is is the importance of ensuring service and maintenance is always in top form. When you have invested in fuel and fluid storage, it is essential that service is also at the top of your priority list as we move through seasons.

Our certified technicians provide unique solutions to both industrial and commercial clients, and we are also ensure that your service and maintenance is covered from top to bottom even after we install your fuel and fluid storage.

Here’s what we look for in a service and maintenance check for your fuelling system

1. We will note expiration dates of your equipment 

Before we begin a service check, we will identify which equipment is current, the expiration dates that may be coming up, and any equipment that has long passed expiration. This report is shared with you and highlights any deficiencies to be aware of before we move forward in the service check.

2. We will offer to change the consumables 

Before any inspection, we will provide you with the offer to change any of your consumables, such as hoses and fuel filters.

3. Ensure the fill boxes and caps are in good shape

Following the manufacturer’s guidelines, we check to ensure the fill boxes are in excellent condition for cleanliness and not in need of repair. We will monitor the caps, and identify if new pieces need to be ordered or installed in a timely manner.

4. Monitor tank banners for proper naming 

Within the service and maintenance check, we will look at the tank banners and ensure that proper naming is included, so you are aware of the products that are inside the tank. This is essential to be aware of as an incorrect label will impact your business.

5. Monitor for environmental impact 

We will take the time to check dispensers for any weeps, seeps and leaks, as this would undoubtedly have a negative environmental impact to your business.

6. Check the condition of hoses and nozzles

Much like we check the fill boxes for condition and cleanliness, we will check the condition of all hoses and nozzles for any sort of leaks, wear and tear, and expiry dates. This will help to ensure that your business is in top shape for the year ahead.


Why utilize Western Oil Services for service and maintenance?

As a client of ours, you are in excellent hands. You know that our team will stay in close communication in regards to your service and inspection needs. We understand that businesses impacted by weather related environmental impacts may be better suited for a less frequent service and maintenance check than those who are not. We will always work with you and your team to ensure that inspections are scheduled at a time that works for you, and that makes sense for your business. To learn more about getting started for an upcoming service and maintenance check, contact us here.