At Western Oil, we provide retail & fleet fuelling solutions, from gasoline and car wash systems through to private fuel and fleet maintenance systems. Working with global clients like Shell Oil and Petro Canada has meant that our experience of managing large brands and fleets expands across recognized brands.

As a fleet manager, you may be considering different options for your business. Perhaps you are contemplating bulk fuel, or you may be assessing the cost of installing and operating private fuel systems on your premise.

Whatever the consideration may be for your business, here is what you need to know as a fleet manager.


Retail & Fleet Fuelling – What To Know As A Fleet Manager


Your role as a fleet manager is important. You must make the best decision for your business with time and resources in mind.

Here are considerations to be mindful of as a fleet manager.


1. How important is uninterrupted fuel access? 

In some scenarios for your business, private fuel tanks make sense. This approach to fuelling is very useful for business who depend in a critical fashion on uninterrupted fuel access. Some of these industries are government, repair trucks or utility fleets. If your business is 24/7, such as snow plowing services, private fuel tanks may be the best solution.

2. If you have an existing system, consider a retrofit 

Our focus on retail gas operations has expanded over the last decade. We can retrofit older gasoline dispensing systems while offering preventative maintenance on existing systems that are under contract with Western Oil Services.

3. How often are you planning on scheduling maintenance and inspections? 

Details and regular inspections are held by our team at Western Oil Services to ensure that all equipment is not only maintained, bu that it will work efficiently and safely. We will always work to catch ant problems or concerns that may arise before they happen. With this is mind, it is important to understand what would be needed for scheduled maintenance and inspections throughout the year.


What Lies Ahead for Retail & Fleet Fuelling

As the future of fuelling changes and transforms, we understand that Fleet Managers are planning for what lies ahead. We have a wonderful opportunity to partner with you and plan for the future of operations.

We understand that, as a fleet manager, you are looking for:

  • Empowerment of your business team to enhance, optimize and improve your efficiencies as a company
  • Making the process as simple and easy as possible for your drivers and your team
  • Collecting and sharing your fleet data so we can stay in touch and in tune with driver and consumer demands

As your trusted partner in retail & fleet fuelling, we are committed to not only understanding what you need, we are also committed to growing and changing with you as a business leader. Through the last decade, we have led the industry in retail & fleet fuelling, and we are excited to continue in the future. To learn more, or to receive a consultation with our team, contact us here.