Commercial power back-up solutions are essential for any business, though particularly for those that rely on always on, or always ready to serve customers and clients. When a commercial power outage takes place, it is essential to have a reliable solution available. Whether a power outage is planned well in advance, or perhaps it is because of construction in the area, we have the tips you need to know to prepare your business for an outage.


Preparing Your Business For A Commercial Power Outage


1. Know what is available in your building

When it comes to your commercial building, ensure you are aware of where your meter room and electric service entrance is. Similarly, know where the fuses in your building are located.

You may also consider installing emergency lighting systems in your meter room if the option is available to you. If this option is not available, ensure you have flashlights ready.


2. Understand what needs to be turned off during an outage 

Dependent on your building, there may be equipment that needs to be turned off during an outage. Turn off what you can, and contact other service providers to ensure that things like phone lines and security systems have a back-up option during a power outage.


3. Have a plan for your business 

A preparedness plan is essential for any business, though most importantly when preparing your business for a commercial power outage. Develop a plan that outlines tasks and responsibilities for your staff, while identifying any needs for back-up electrical battery and generation systems. Your employees should know what their responsibilities are during an event like this.

Be sure to test your back-up systems monthly, including emergency lighting, phone lines, security systems and fire protection systems. Within your back-up plan, be sure to have a list of telephone numbers that can be contacted in the event of an emergency.


If an outage happens, here’s what to do immediately

Determine whether or not this is an outage that is limited to your building, or if it is impacting the neighbourhood, especially if it is unplanned. If your outage is not listed on the BC Hydro website here, call 1-800-BCHYDRO to report the outage.

Once this is done, implement your business outage preparedness plan. Turn off all equipment and appliances throughout your building, regardless of how big or small.  When the power is restored, or when your commercial solution is implemented, turn on only the most essential equipment first. Wait 10-20 minutes before turning on other equipment, to ensure you do not overload the system.


Why should you consider having emergency commercial power?

Working with clients like Royal Bank, BMO, Rogers, TELUS and more, we provide commercial emergency power to ensure these businesses can maintain basic services in the event of a natural disaster or a power outage. Not only is this essential to businesses like the above, you may consider implementing a similar initiative for your business. In the event of unforeseen circumstances surrounding a power outage, you do not want to be left in the dark – literally and figuratively.

For more information on how we help businesses like those above in the event of a power outage, click here to contact us. We would be thrilled to provide your custom proposal today!