If you’re the owner or manager of a fleet of cars, trucks, vans, or buses, there are many services and pieces of equipment you need to have on hand to care for your vehicles. After all, you’ll need to keep them clean, maintain their efficiency, and keep them running well and consistently. That means an investment in things like a lubrication system or fluid handling equipment.

Whether you own 20 vehicles or 2,000 vehicles, an onsite lubrication system is definitely one of those must-haves where maintenance is concerned. Western Oil provides a complete range of products to outfit your facility, from new oil systems, to tanks, piping, hose reels, dispensers and waste oil repositories, all items that’ll make maintaining your fleet easier and more convenient and cost-saving.

Western Oil offers the best available in lubrication and fluid handling systems, so our customers can be sure that what we install offers maximum efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, we have experience installing lubrication systems for a very wide variety of industries and have worked with the Vancouver International Airport, Richmond Fire Department, and many others in designing systems that fit their needs and the scale of their operation.

Is your system up-to-date?

The lubrication and fluid handling systems industries have changed rapidly over the last decade, and while a grease gun will always be a grease gun and a lube trolley looks pretty much the same as it did twenty years ago, technology has become part of the mix in many cases. For example, some of the latest fluid inventory control systems use wireless connectivity for reporting and control, making your mechanics’ jobs easier and no doubt saving money and eliminating waste.

If you have an older system or parts of your lubrication and fluid handling systems that are out-of-date, it might be time to take a look at what’s available from reliable and well-known companies such as Alemite, Samson, and Graco, all of whom offer systems and parts that include the latest technology. And because most oil equipment is interchangeable, we can retrofit your existing system with parts and fittings from any of these manufacturers. All you’ll need is a review from one of our systems experts to determine what can be done to improve your current set-up.

Consider a bulk fluid package

Often, it’s simply more cost-effective for owners or managers of fleet vehicles to purchase bulk fluid packages such as tank or trolley packages that include all the components necessary for efficient bulk fluid handling.

Many of these packages are ideal for smaller shops where space tends to be an issue while others are perfect for large-scale operations where spaces are larger and vehicles are numerous. A customer service representative from Western Oil Services can schedule a consultation to determine which is right for your business and whether or not a bulk fluid package is the way to go for your operation.

Support after you buy

Because technology has indeed become a part of today’s lubrication and bulk fluid systems and because some other aspects of these systems have no doubt changed over the years, we’ll be there to help you “figure out” your new or updated system. Our team of service representatives proudly offers the best support available whenever you have questions or encounter a problem. We won’t disappear after we sell you a new system. We’re always available to lend a hand. Regardless of whether your problem or question deals with installation, service, or ongoing maintenance, we’re just a phone call away!