It’s all in the details.

How many times have you heard that phrase? No doubt, it’s a sentence you hear often, one that pertains to a variety of processes where the little things are super-important.

Installations of fueling equipment certainly require the utmost attention to the small stuff, so it really is “all in the details” when it comes to getting the job done properly the first time around. At Western Oil services, our installations are precise, providing our customers with exactly what they need for their fuel equipment requirements, whether they’re a small family-owned service station or a huge industrial complex.

Your plans or ours?

Many of our customers don’t have a design plan in place when they contact the experts at Western Oil services about fuel equipment installations. That’s okay! A large number of our installations are design/build projects. That means our experienced designers/engineers come up with the details for the installation on many of our projects. As a matter of fact, about three-quarters of our installations begin without completed drawings from which to work. That’s why having a knowledgeable staff is ultra-important to us…and to you.

However, we’re also more than happy to work with the customer’s designer. We’re flexible! We’ll examine the plans, make recommendations or adjustments if necessary, and install the equipment according to the customer’s wishes.

And because our technicians and installers boast high levels of experience and training, they’ll make it all work seamlessly, using products that we know are reliable and long-lasting.

And then there’s the details!

Because fueling equipment can be dangerous when installations are done poorly or don’t meet specific requirements, we examine the details again and again before that first pounding of a nail or swing of a hammer.

We’ll work with the customer’s municipality to ensure that all local requirements are being met and we’ll take care of securing the proper permits from local government entities. We’re familiar with the special criteria that must be met for installations on federal land and First Nations property and we’ll stand by each of our installations, regardless of where they’re located.

Western Oil Services is also willing to travel for our customers. While we’ve done tons of installations in the Greater Vancouver area, we’ve also wandered far and wide to satisfy our customers. Our technicians have braved the weather of the Yukon and the Northwest Territories to complete installations for clients in those areas and have traveled as far east as Alberta and Ontario.

Why? Because our reputation precedes us! Customers in those areas were looking for the best-of-the- best in fueling equipment installation, and because we’re detail-oriented and have serviced hundreds of satisfied clients, word gets around.

And we’re glad it does! We’ve been doing our job for nearly 70 years now and many of our installers boast decades of experience servicing a wide variety of industries. We’re proud of them and the job they do and plan to continue offering quality installations for many more years to come.