Emergency power solutions for institutional businesses, such as hospitals, schools and government offices, is essential at any time of the year; however, when the threat of a global pandemic is upon us, the need for support is higher than ever. As the weather gets cooler, the environmental factors of wind, rain and snow can play a role in the uptime of power. That’s why Western Oil is supporting institutional clients even more during COVID-19.


Here’s how Western Oil is supporting institutional clients, like hospitals and schools


1. At a basic level, we are helping get a back-up generator in place 

Depending on the type of facility you have, a thorough plan needs to be in place to deal with power outages of all types. A basic back-up power generator, either through natural gas or diesel, will help to power up your crucial systems. With our team at Western Oil, we will help test your load and review any further requirements.

2. We may advise the use of an Automatic Transfer Switch 

An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) monitors your overall utility power. When a power outage occurs, whether planned or unplanned, it will transfer power from the utility to the generator, which will start-up and supply power to your business.

3. We are performing generator maintenance and system testing 

While many businesses have the basic pieces as above, they may forget to ensure that all stays operational and will perform to optimal results when it is needed most. It is essential to perform regular generator maintenance to ensure that your back-up solution is available when you need it most. You can also occasionally run your generator to ensure that it starts appropriately.

4. We are supporting our clients with fuel management planning 

In the event of a power outage, either short or long, knowing how long your fuel storage will allow you to run your institutional business is important. Refuelling and understanding how you are going to get fuel during a potential extended power outage is also very critical. If your plan includes that of a fuel delivery truck, be sure that your property or business is capable of receiving a delivery truck during an unfortunate power outage.

5. Go through your plan again and again

In today’s world of high reliance on both electricity and power, it is a sure thing that a power outage will occur. With this in mind it is important that you go through your plan on regular occasions to ensure that you and your team understands what to do if an outage occurs. Power outages can be a source of great risk to an institutional business, so it is important for administrations and property managers to prepare well ahead of time to ensure that power remains stable during an outage.

If you are searching for a preferred institutional maintenance solution for your business during the Winter months, contact us 24/7 here to learn more and schedule a COVID-19 friendly consultation. Our team is ready to work with you on your power solution plan.