The first step for most businesses that require petroleum equipment is to secure the best items available so that their business runs smoothly from the start. Purchasing quality equipment rather than less expensive, less efficient equipment is always a worthwhile investment. Most business owners agree that investing money up front to insure customer satisfaction is always a good bet.

Equally as important, however, is the maintaining of those items, and with petroleum equipment, that equates to regular inspections that guarantee everything is working properly and that everyone in proximity of that equipment will remain safe and free from injury. That’s why hiring a company that performs regularly service and maintenance – before you call with a problem – is essential.

Experienced technicians

When choosing a service company for your petroleum equipment, it’s wise to inquire about the experience of its technicians. Servicing such equipment requires proper training so it’s important to select a company that includes not only experienced service professionals but also new up-and-comers who are being trained in the latest technology pertaining to today’s petroleum products and equipment.

Experienced-based programs in British Columbia offer budding technicians a way to learn their craft while on-the-job, supervised by individuals who often have decades of experience in the field. Once the new technicians have reached a certain number of hours, they’ll receive a BC Trade Certificate which deems them qualified to be either a petroleum equipment installer or technician.

At Western Oil, we believe earning certification is key, especially because it grants our service people the right to work on federal property. And, of course, certification means our service technicians have the experience needed to do the job right the first time, and that means satisfied customers who call on us again and again.

What kind of service and maintenance should be expected?

Periodic inspections are essential to good service and maintenance of any petroleum equipment. When you purchase such equipment, you should discuss the service parameters with your dealer.

Clients of Western Oil have come to expect top-notch maintenance service, which involves follow-ups to schedule regular inspections as well as immediate attention to any emergency needs that must be addressed immediately. We also recognize the needs of unique and seasonal businesses, like marinas or ski resorts, and plan service visits accordingly with the client’s input.

Visual inspections of fueling systems are done regularly and technicians at Western Oil will take a close look at fill boxes, hoses, nozzles, and anything else that could present a problem or simply wear out. Our service reps look for expiration dates and examine equipment that might be past its prime. Then they’ll make recommendations for repairs or replacements, which they can usually do “on the spot” for the customer’s convenience.

Western Oil strives for efficiency and, as such, technicians can often complete a job in just one visit. If we can’t, however, we’ll be honest with you and schedule an additional service and maintenance visit to finish the task as soon as possible, so that there’s little waiting for repairs, replacements, or upgrades.