Let’s face it. Fuel costs a lot of money, especially these days. With gasoline prices continuing to rise, the cost of fleet fueling is likely the biggest concern of anyone who owns a business that involves a large number of trucks or cars.

Add to that all the other particulars, like the safety guidelines associated with any sort of fueling systems, and it’s clear to see that installing a fleet fuel system can be quite a complicated (and expensive) undertaking for commercial property owners.

However, there are plenty of benefits to installing an onsite fleet fueling system as well, and with a little research you’ll discover that you can save a substantial amount of money by fueling your vehicles on your own rather than at someone else’s establishment.

Benefits of fleet fueling systems

Some benefits of setting up a fleet fueling system on your property:

  • Eliminate the need to go to retail stations for gas or diesel. This is both a time and money saver and you’ll no doubt quickly recognize the advantages.
  • You’ll get a good return on investment. Research shows that you’ll typically get your money back in full in about 2 years, making this a very affordable proposition.
  • It’s an excellent way to track when fuel is going into your vehicles and how much is being used. Many fuel tracking systems are available that make keeping records for each of your vehicles easier than ever.

Installing a fleet fueling system

Installation of a fleet fuel system can be complicated, mostly because of all the national and provincial rules that need to be followed. Compliance with a variety of codes is essential so you’ll need to be working with someone who knows all the ins and outs of these guidelines and regulations.

At Western Oil Services, we begin each fleet fueling installation with an in-depth meeting with the commercial property owner. We discuss their wishes and needs and aim to design a plan that meets both those needs as well as any regulatory requirements imposed by British Columbia or any municipality in which we are working. Once the plans are approved by the client or adjusted, if necessary, we submit the final specifications to the proper authorities for approval. This can take some time but, in the meantime, we’ll make sure all the pieces are in place to install the system in a timely manner once approval arrives.

The system will feature all the components necessary to meet the needs of the fleet, whether small or large. This will include either an above ground or underground tank as well as electrical systems, concrete pump islands, tank aprons, and weather canopies where necessary.

During the installation process, our experts are always on hand to inspect the work to ensure it is being properly completed. This includes testing of all fueling components, pressure testing of the tank and product lines, cathodic protection certification, hydrostatic containment testing, BC Safety Authority inspection, and arranging for any other final inspections by local or provincial authorities.

Hiring a specialist

It’s easy to ascertain that designing and installing a fleet vehicle fueling system isn’t a quick project. It requires the expertise of specialists who are familiar with all aspects of the design of such a system, whether it’s a single tank for a few dozen cars or a huge multi-pump system meant for a very large fleet of vehicles.

Western Oil Services boasts more than 70 years’ experience in energy handling and are specialists in fuel installations. We design our own systems or work with designers who are also experts in fleet fueling systems. In addition, our techs and installers are trained on a complete range of products and certified for warranty installations and warranty servicing.

Over the last 7 decades, we have served numerous industries and completed hundreds of installations in BC, Ontario, Alberta, The Northwest Territories, and the Yukon, allowing us to be recognized for our expertise far beyond our home base. Thanks to our familiarity with the different regulations in every municipality, and special criteria for federal lands and First Nations territory, we serve as an advocate for our customers, one that knows and understands the system no matter where the project is located.

For more information about our products, call Western Oil Services at 1-800-663-2097.