Western Oil has always been proud to serve a huge variety of customers, from small family-owned businesses to large commercial clients. Everyone gets the same treatment, though we certainly recognize that the needs of our commercial clients can be huge to comparison to our smaller clients. Nevertheless, we’re equipped to handle all of those needs, whether it’s regular service or maintenance that is required or emergency services that can help avoid a shut-down or even a disaster.

We recognize that even among our commercial clients, their needs are all unique. For example, Western Oil has long served the Whistler/Blackcomb ski resort. That’s a business that requires a variety of our services and needs more inspections and maintenance during the busy winter months, when providing the best ski experience for their guests is paramount. At Western, our customer service staff and technicians stay in touch with the Whistler/Blackcomb maintenance staff to be sure their needs are met without delay.

Our commercial clients in the city have an entirely different set of needs. Customers like Royal, TD, and Scotiabank need regular, consistent service that we provide year round. We’ve set up maintenance schedules with all of them to be sure there’s no interruption of basic services due to power outages or any kind of natural disaster. Everyone’s business is important to us and it shows in the way we care for each customer by crafting a maintenance schedule that fits their needs as well as making periodic unscheduled checks to be sure everything is running properly.

Telus Communications (TELUS) also trusts us to keep things moving. This national telecommunications company, based in Vancouver, prides itself on good service and cutting-edge technology, so it’s up to Western Oil Services to do what it takes to make those promises happen. That means we stay in constant touch with this major commercial client to be sure all the services and equipment we offer are up-to-date and working properly.

But while we’re proud of our large commercial clients, we’re also more than pleased to serve the small ones, too. These businesses are also the recipients of our undivided attention in both normal maintenance situations and any time a situation arises that requires prompt service. We’re delighted that so many small businesses in the Greater Vancouver area have trusted us for their fuel-related needs, vehicle wash systems, and more.

Western Oil Services is a good match for commercial clients of all sizes, and our customer service reps can assist those customers in drafting a plan that lets us provide our best so they can provide theirs. Call us to learn how we can help you succeed.