If you own a car, it’s likely you’ve bought plenty of windshield washer fluid during your lifetime. All drivers use it to keep their windows not only clear of dirt and all sorts of other gunk but also free of ice and other things that could obscure our vision while driving.

At Western Oil Services, we provide a variety of types of windshield washer fluid to the businesses and organizations we serve so that their vehicles – ranging from cars and buses to fire engines – have use of the right kind of washer fluid for their needs.

So, what’s the difference? There’s the blue stuff. And then there’s the green stuff. Right?

Not at all! Not all types of windshield washer fluid are created equal and there are a variety of reasons for choosing specific products. And while choosing the washer fluid might not be the most difficult part of operating and maintaining a fleet of vehicles, it is indeed an important decision.

Outdoor temperature

What the thermometer reads outside on a cold day can certainly effect how your windshield washer fluid works…or doesn’t work. For areas around Vancouver and north, cold winters are a reality and choosing washer fluid that is appropriate for the climate is essential.

Winter is indeed the enemy of such fluids, so that’s why we recommend to our clients a fluid that contains the appropriate mixture of antifreeze. As soon as that temperature dips below freezing, your washer fluid will freeze as well if you’re not using the kind that includes de-icing ingredients. That presents a real possibility of disaster for you and your vehicles.

If you buy a bottle of washer fluid off the shelf for your personal vehicle, you’ll most likely find a list of temperatures at which it works efficiently. You should check those numbers before you buy. Of course, at Western Oil Services, we do that for you. You can be sure that we’ll choose the correct washer fluid for your fleet of vehicles so that there are no issues with freezing when the weather turns frigid.

Water repellent fluids

Aside from general purpose windshield washer fluids and de-icing fluids that work at low temperatures, fluids that repel water are also popular. These contain additives that use a so-called “water beading” technology, which disperses rain, sleet, and snow so that visibility is better. Many individuals use this kind of washer fluid on their personal cars and its ideal for rainy seasons and when the temperature is moderate to hot.

We have what YOU need

At Western Oil Services, we’re experts in windshield washer fluid and offer the best products on the market for your vehicles. If you’re searching for a new supplier that offers a variety of windshield washer options as well as the knowledge that comes with decades of experience in the field, let us put together a cost-saving package and proposal for you.