Look out your window and you’ll likely see snow and ice removal salt within your peripheral. From salt trucks to at-home methods, winter salt can work wonders for safety and stability when driving, though can pose a long-term risk to your vehicle if not maintained diligently. With that said, who wants to consider car washing in Winter with the cold temperatures like we have recently experienced?

Car washing doesn’t need to be retracted to being outdoors; there are plenty of other ways to maintain your vehicle.


Here are 5 tips from the professionals on car washing in Winter


1. Replace your interior carpets with rubber 

Getting in and out of your vehicle in the Winter can bring unwanted dirt, salt, slush and snow. Who wants to deal with the pesky clean-up? This is why many car owners replace their interior carpets with rubber alternatives. Instead of getting stains on the carpet, the rubber will help deal with the aforementioned clean-up.


2. Don’t forget the frequent washing…

Yes, yes – washing your vehicle in the cold of Winter can pose an annoyance, though it is truly essential to getting the salt off of your car. It is best to wash your vehicle every week and a half or so, ideally during the day so that there is time for it to dry. If you have an outdoor, hand towel solution, this is surely preferred; however, if a car wash is the option available for you, opt for a touch-less wash. Many other vehicle owners are likely thinking the same as you, which means materials like salt, rocks and other debris could be in other car wash alternatives.


3. Watch where you park

When given the choice to park underground or indoors during the Winter months, this is the preferred option. While these areas can still have debris from the Winter elements, vehicles that are parked outside are exposed to the elements. If parking outside, perhaps consider the timing of your upcoming car wash (see point 2!)


4. Keep a safe distance between yourself and other vehicles on the road 

Given the proximity of highways to our location in the Lower Mainland, you likely do quite a number of kilometres on these highways. With this comes potential hazards from larger vehicles, such as semi-trucks. When driving, be sure to keep a safe distance between yourself and other vehicles; the addition of slush, rocks and other debris during the Winter can pull from the tires of these vehicles and potentially hit yours. While it is always important to drive safely, consider going yourself and extra few meters in the Winter.


5. Dry your vehicle promptly 

Whether after a rain fall or a car wash, it is essential to drying your vehicle – and not just on the exterior. You can leave your doors open while in your garage, so that any water or moisture on the inside is released. You might even consider using a hair dryer if the interior of your vehicle is especially wet!


Car washing in Winter is important to protecting the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Keeping these tips in mind, from being careful where you park to ensuring you have a touch-less car wash option, will help to protect the value of your vehicle.

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