At Western Oil Services, we have a huge variety of customers and recognize that each has its own needs and requirements. That includes our institutional customers, such as hospitals, government offices, schools, and more.

So how do we meet the needs of each?

It’s easy! As we take on a new client, our customer service representatives and technicians take time to get to know them. This involves an initial consultation as well as detailed meetings to assess their needs and draw up a design to address them. Our engineers work with each customer’s plans – or draft our own – to determine what kind of system and equipment is right for them. Once everything is installed, we set up regular maintenance visits and are always on hand for any emergencies that might happen, no matter the time of day.

At Western Oil Services, we have nearly 70 years of experience working with institutional customers. As such, we understand the parameters that must be met when these clients become part of the Western Oil family. We understand that a contract with a provincial, municipal, or federal government operation will likely be different than the work we do with private businesses. And we respect that! We’ll jump through hoops for our customers and secure permits, contracts, or other papers necessary to do the work and do it correctly and within the parameters of local, provincial, or federal laws.

Many of our institutional clients are hospitals, which certainly have unique needs when it comes to power and energy handling. Others include universities, cities/towns, public works, and even the Canadian Coast Guard. We’re proud to serve all of these customers and hope that our work with them will inspire more, similar clients to join up with Western Oil Services.

With literally 100s of projects on our resume, our institutional customers can be sure that we know the energy handling business inside and out, regardless of business type. Furthermore, who do everything in our power to take an environmentally-friendly approach to our clients’ energy needs, understanding that what we do in Canada today reflects what will be left behind for our children and their children. The land and air are important to us, and we treat them with the utmost respect.

Western Oil also offers warranty and post-warranty service and support on the products we sell and install, and we’re available at a moment’s notice should an emergency arise. Our pricing is competitive and our service record is superior. Just ask our current satisfied customers!

For more information on our services for institutional clients, call our offices and speak to a customer service representative.